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Dynamic Outcomes for Exceptional Students was founded because we believe it is time to view exceptional students through a different, more dynamic lens.   We seek to partner with parents & caregivers (the un-sung champions) of exceptional students to help expand their vision, and broaden contact circles and opportunities.   We also seek to build community partnerships through collaborative opportunities for community outreach, sports, fitness, the arts, and others as yet to be determined.

We will endeavor to remove barriers to success by creating and increasing awareness and access to multiple resources designed to support and progress the skills and talents of exceptional students.

Our goal is to establish a one-stop-shop for families of exceptional students by providing services and referrals:

  • Community resources, tools, and support programs
  • Educational referrals that provide anywhere from basic to comprehensive student accommodations
  • Buddy-up Program™ - community-involved first-responder mentor program
  • Take Flight Beyond H.S.™ - advising and assistance with transition beyond high school
  • Fit-To-Be-Me™ Wellness Program


We want to create interactive opportunities for families to hear from industry experts in the fields of education and fitness as they relate to exceptional students.   Reaching beyond the old to re-imagine new expectations. The objective is to provide families with access to resources so that students can realize their maximum potentials.

Our Story


The Executive Director serves up a triple threat encompassing the areas of education, business, and technology.   Holding her B.S.Ed in Business Education from the University of Technology in Jamaica.  ; Continuing in their family’s traditions (both Executive Director and her husband’s parents are educators).   The Executive Director continued her quest for learning attended Florida Atlantic University where she obtained her BBA in Computer Information Systems, and later an M.B.A.

The Executive Director and her family frequently experienced frustrating and direly disappointments in searching for schools and other community resources that provided accommodations for their son and brother.   Dynamic Outcomes for Exceptional Students was born out of the desire to have a pool of resources readily available for parents of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) students.   As a parent of a child with special abilities she knows that parents and other caregivers have to advocate for their children; parents and caregivers are often being put in the uncomfortable position of having to force educational institutions to live up to their responsibility in providing the necessary accommodations for our children.   Additionally, parents of children with special abilities often learn of local services, events and activities geared towards special needs families by word of mouth.  “If I can save even one family from having to pound the pavement looking for the right fit, hoping for a school with the right balance of compassion and ingenuity, then I will consider I will have done a good service.  I live my life based on a can-do attitude - I can do all things through Him who strengthens me...”

"We but mirror the world.   All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.   As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him...” – Mahatma Gandhi


Education has always been an important life-factor for Director of Operations. From her childhood growing up in the Bronx, NY with parents of German/African American and Guyanese descent, you can imagine that the message resonating in that household strongly centered around doing well in school. It was no surprise that later years included an uprooting move to Bergen County, NJ - whose school district was then ranked 2nd in the nation - for a better education opportunity for her children. The latest chapter to this trilogy would involve landing in the College Planning office at a Florida college-prep school, with a focus on helping high school students in navigating the college application process. The emphasis on getting a good education has been the ongoing undercurrent throughout Director of Operations' life-experience, and remains her passion to this day.

Though Director of Operations had always treasured a deep love for music (studied music at CUNY Hunter College) since early childhood, it was her exposure to helping high school students apply to college that first exposed a hidden passion. “Applying for college when I was in high school was a solitary, scary, and uninformed experience. My parents had not attended college and knew nothing of the process, and so were not in a position to help. There were no personal computers and online college applications at that time. I was in a graduating class of 1,400+ students and could not pick my high school guidance counselor out of a line-up. Years later, when a high school senior walked into my office - just three months shy of graduating - humbly asking for help with applying to college, I received the vision of my calling and have been helping students ever since.” The Director of Operations has spent the past 18+ years working with students devising custom college application plans and helping to complete all aspects of the college application process … including help with high school course planning, determining standardized testing schedules (seeking resources for test prep when needed and/or desired), collaboratively working with students and families to determine the right college fit, help with researching and applying for scholarships, and finally resumé and essay proofing and editing. What’s the saying? “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Mark Twain

Director of Operations was born and raised in NYC and has been a resident of south Florida for 18+ years. When not helping students apply to college, Director of Operations is an avid reader, television program enthusiast and movie-watcher, enjoys the beach, stationary biking, plays a mean game of backgammon, trying new recipes of old favorite dishes, and looks forward to spending time with family at home and abroad.

Dynamic Outcomes


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